Experience rooted in culture.

Millennials and Gen Z Experience Experts.


Welcome to Ikonerx, the data-driven experience agency that empowers brands to captivate and connect with the influential millennials and gen z audience.

We lean into the organic

Content shouldn't feel contrived and Millennials/Gen Zs are among the most attuned to it. We strive to make everything we do from social posts, to videos, to our branded content, as organic and relatable as possible.

We operate on every platform

Millennials and Gen Z are the OG early adopters and a good many of them still hold on to that mantle. So it's not uncommon for us to experiment with content on the latest platforms to understand the best ways to reach millennials and Gen Z today, and tomorrow.

We have our eyes on where the ball is going

What's worked in the past won't necessarily work in the future. We keep one finger on the pulse of what's happening now while using our well-honed expertise to make educated assumptions about where they are going in the future. We often beat the competition to the punch.