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It’s hard to find things that won’t sell online.

It’s hard to find things that won’t sell online.
We know that your business is different from anyone else's, and so are your business advertising needs. You require the most return out of every naira or dollar in your budget. The only way to accomplish this is by receiving the individual attention, careful consideration, and original thinking you deserve.

Tell stories.

Tell stories.
We know that your business is different from anyone else's, and so are your business advertising needs. You require the most return out of every naira or dollar in your budget. The only way to accomplish this is by receiving the individual attention, careful consideration, and original thinking you deserve.

The innovative ideas for the best content

The innovative ideas for the best content
We know that your business is different from anyone else's, and so are your business advertising needs. You require the most return out of every naira or dollar in your budget. The only way to accomplish this is by receiving the individual attention, careful consideration, and original thinking you deserve.

If content is king, then conversion is queen.

If content is king, then conversion is queen.
We know that your business is different from anyone else's, and so are your business advertising needs. You require the most return out of every naira or dollar in your budget. The only way to accomplish this is by receiving the individual attention, careful consideration, and original thinking you deserve.

Creating memories through contents that stays forever

Creating memories through contents that stays forever
We know that your business is different from anyone else's, and so are your business advertising needs. You require the most return out of every naira or dollar in your budget. The only way to accomplish this is by receiving the individual attention, careful consideration, and original thinking you deserve.

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Pros and Cons of Controversial Marketing for your brand



images of Portable performs at AY LIVE Easter Sunday 2022

Should Your Brand Use Controversial Marketing? 

Consistently, controversial marketing campaigns have been rare. All the more as of late, they're turning out to be perpetually well known. Are current purchasers more responsive to mocking informing? Or on the other hand do they simply ridiculous work, when done well!

With businesses putting more spotlight on reach and commitment, making the following moving peculiarity is high up the need rundown of marketing experts across the globe, and what better method for acquiring that range than by making content that is a little near the edge.

Controversial marketing doesn't plan to captivate a group of people. It's an eye-catching method for expressing an assessment, and brands use it to ignite useful discussions about specific virtues. As of late, any position taken on possibly delicate social issues can be thought about in the controversial market.

The Psychology behind Controversial Marketing.

Individuals generally read and offer uncompromising content since it lines up with their own qualities. What's more, by telling the world about their convictions, they can set an optimal picture of themselves inside their social circle and as far as they could tell.

Uncompromising content additionally has a talent for making individuals think and consider different perspectives, which fabricates more steadfast crowds since it can show individuals something new and assist with deeply shaping their viewpoint on life.

In any case, while controversial marketing can create more buzz than different kinds of marketing, whenever executed ineffectively or in a simply performative way, it very well may be unfavourable to your brand.

Making controversial marketing for your brand with a simple business thought process is a one-way pass to getting Kendall Jenner and Pepsi's sort of criticism (we'll cover this later). All in all, it can start unforgiving kickback and terrible exposure rather than a significant exchange.

So how would you keep away from this kind of bad reaction to making a controversial marketing campaign for your brand? 

The Pros and Cons of Controversial Marketing.

Pros of Controversial Marketing

It Gets People Talking

Controversial marketing campaigns are ensured to start a discussion whether it's for the set in stone reasons. This is particularly obvious today, in reality as we know it where we as a whole have various computerized stages to share content (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, Tumblr and so on), voice our viewpoints and participate in conversation with others. Assuming your brand delivers a provocative campaign, you can wager that someone will have a remark about it. Thus the far-reaching influence starts. Stunning content is super shareable, so assuming your point is to make brand mindfulness, this may be a reasonable method for achieving that.

It Evokes Emotion

The incredible content allure our feelings. They impact us and subliminally urge us to make a move. Controversial campaigns will quite often take this to the limit. On the off chance that content moves and incites a crowd of people, they're probably going to recall it, alongside your brand. While your campaign may not be guaranteed to cause them to feel all warm and fluffy, it will at any rate have an effect.

It Can Boost Sales

Indeed, even controversial campaigns that are met with outrageous analysis can produce deals. Take, for instance, Sterling Bank's campaign for their Easter special celebration. This started public shock and the brand was blamed for a mischievous and heartless Easter celebration campaign toward Christians.

Sterling Bank confronted a reaction after the organization distributed its Easter message, which contrasted the Resurrection of Jesus Christ with Agege bread.

. Regardless of its inescapable backfire, Sterling Bank figured out how to benefit from the public shock. Hello, there's no such thing as terrible press, isn't that so?

Cons of Controversial Marketing

It tends to Offend

Controversial content, naturally, insults specific gatherings. Assuming a brand rocks the boat or pushes the limits, not every person will be cheerful about it. We additionally face a daily reality such that PC culture is overflowing, and individuals appear to be more delicate than at any time in recent memory. Because of the force of social media marketing, this can have a compounding phenomenon and all of a sudden you're trapped in a torrential slide of incensed tweets, remarks and messages. This can happen regardless of whether the offence was totally accidental. For example, Sterling Bank's Easter Campaign was considered insidious and inhumane by strict gatherings and made some animosity between them and the brand.

It can Damage the Brand's Reputation

A solitary marketing campaign can represent the deciding moment for your brand. Recall Pepsi's heartbreaking Live For Now campaign? The principal video, featuring Kendall Jenner, was blamed for downplaying the Black Lives Matter development, making significant humiliation to the brand. The clasp was satirised many times, and Pepsi turned into the fool of the internet-based world. In no less than 24 hours of delivering the promotion, Pepsi astutely chose to pull the advertisement and make an authority conciliatory sentiment. So before you hop into anything, cautiously think about the expected ramifications for your brand's standing.

It could remove the Attention from the Actual Product

One of the risks of controversial marketing is that it can bring down the item or administration that is, at last, being advanced. Try not to stun for it. Your campaign actually should be thoroughly examined and strategic. Keep in mind, that the campaign ought to put the focus on your brand, and not the reverse way around.

Controversial marketing stunts are surely a bet. In any case, as it's been said in business: the higher the gamble, the higher the award. The mystery is to figure out the perfect balance between being tense and deliberate. You really want to back up your campaign with significance and substance so that you're not inciting individuals inexplicably. Our recommendation is to hold off on any expected outrages until you've laid out your brand as dependable and nice. You will generally pull off more when the general population is your ally.

Don't want to take risks with your marketing strategy? Talk to us at Ikonerx. The team at Ikonerx are expert in results-driven media and interactive content marketing

How to Double Your Business Sales Using Interactive Content Strategy


Today, more brands than any other time are making great content, battling to win consideration in an undeniably packed scene. As of 2021, the content marketing industry was relied upon to be worth more than $400 billion. Also with this steady fight to deliver more effective content, client assumptions are rising. They hope for something else and to catch their consideration you'll have to accomplish more.

With the bar set so high for current marketers (97% accept content will be similarly as or more significant than last year in conveying a positive client experience) making extraordinary content that effectively draws in your audience is difficult.

That is the place where interactive content becomes an integral factor.

Interactive content assists span the commitment with gapping by pulling clients straightforwardly into the content by requiring their commitment and giving them something significant consequently. With a little inventive energy, interactive content can have your clients connecting all the more promptly, giving more information, and building bonds with your brand.

Therefore, and that's just the beginning, we can hope to see interactive content assume an inexorably significant part in content activities across ventures before very long.

Top 3 Benefits of Interactive Content

Interactive content will see gigantic development in 2019, partially because most organizations are developing their content spending plans this year.

Note: Interactive content in this sense is characterized by content that effectively requires the support of the client. While a channel like a video could be viewed as interactive, for this article, we're just covering content that effectively calls for input from clients.

A portion of the advantages of interactive content include:

1. Higher Engagement Rate

Indeed, even mid-quality interactive pieces commonly see significant degrees of commitment because of the actual idea of the actual content. However it directs how clients cooperate with the content, it likewise gives the shopper the guiding wheel to drive the association.

2. Increase Data Captured

Interactive content makes it simpler to catch pertinent data from their guests, which has significant ramifications on our capacity to customize marketing efforts and the sales group's capacity to address the possibility's greatest worries.

Consumers are frequently vigilant about giving over information like their email address, wanting to abstain from being overwhelmed with undesirable marketing messages. Also, they're on the right track to be selective with the organizations they permit into their inbox.

That is the reason interactive content frequently offers a notorious treasure toward the finish of the rainbow (the aftereffects of a test, recently mentioned information, consequences of a study or survey), which makes a worth trade among company and shopper. It feels safer to share your email address with a company that has made something genuinely captivating.

3. Further develop Brand Loyalty

Common content can make your brand appear… indeed, normal. Be that as it may, drawing in, interactive content makes your audience a piece of the story. They can utilize and partake in whatever kind of content you distribute whether it's an overview, test, evaluation, or interactive infographic. It makes a common encounter that will be more essential to your audience and assist them with fostering a more profound faithfulness to your brand.

At its generally essential, interactive content is an activity in trust-building. Consumers will get to know your brand on a more profound level, and the positive encounters that you make will shape their view of what your identity is and be a big motivator for you.

Instances of Interactive Content

While there are a couple of sorts of content that are more normal than the others-the incredible thing about interactive content is that imagination can pay off enormously. There are bunches of space to be unique, especially assuming that you bring some brand narrating in with the general mish-mash.

How about we plunge into certain guides to assist you with getting the pinion wheels turning.

1. Interactive Infographics

How about we investigate a model from Optum, a health administration, and innovation company that associates health specialists with patients through their health management frameworks. At the point when the company changed from a charge for administration model to expense for-esteem, they made an interactive infographic that permitted clients to burrow profound and download supplemental content all through the illustrated stages.

Rather than conveying all the information in one spot, this interactive infographic permitted customers to coordinate their instructive excursions.

We should look again at a model from Blackbaud, which needed to ensure new understudies tried out Blackbaud University, a preparation program for philanthropies, knew about its advantages from the beginning.

To do this, they made a microsite that clients were coordinated to during the onboarding system that highlighted contextual investigations and white papers about their administration. They likewise included four bits of interactive content-two calculators, a test, and an overview to enhance their static content and move new clients with results from past customers.

This is an incredible illustration of how conveying significant information through a more interactive and individual medium can assist clients with bettering comprehending the advantages of a product or administration.

2. Polls

Polls and surveys give a dependable strategy for connecting with your customers. Normally, this style of content is utilized to work with input and catch new client data. They can be a fun and intriguing way for consumers to partake in content that your brand has shared while giving your business a demonstrated technique for further developed data catch and commitment.

In this model, a website composition and advancement firm utilized a test programming answer to assist with strolling customers through the most common way of contacting sales.

Not exclusively does this make it unbelievably straightforward for the end purchaser however it likewise assists the company with qualifying leads that come into their framework. If similar inquiries were introduced in a standard web structure, you would be sure to see lower commission rates. By making the most common way of giving this information seriously captivating and fun, you improve the probability that your clients will actually want to give it.

3. Customized Assessments and Quizzes

Ikonerx media as of late involved this strategy as our Content Operations Self-Assessment, a short test that helps prospects benchmark the strength of their content activities against industry guidelines. As well as acquiring a score, the people who complete the test likewise get a bunch of top to bottom assets and proposals given their results.

Taking the test permits a possibility to start pondering their content activity productively, while at the same time permitting our marketing and sales groups to more readily comprehend the development of a specific record. Eventually, the two sides have fostered a superior comprehension of how they may cooperate, which permits us to begin more productive discussions as records move into an arrangement cycle.

4. Interactive White Papers, Reports, and eBooks

Interactive eBooks are a content kind we have seen grab hold in 2019. Any information that could be delivered as an undeniable white paper, report, or eBook can-with a little inventiveness be transformed into something really captivating. eBooks and whitepapers stay probably the best types of content utilized in B2B crusades:

An interactive structure takes these bits of content to a higher level. An extraordinary illustration of an interactive eBook comes from the book Do or Die by Clark Kokich.

The eBook is explicitly worked for the web and contains a few beneficial materials including connections to video interviews, contextual investigations that figure out key ideas, and connections to supplemental information.

Consider how you could apply this idea to the whitepapers, reports, and studies that your company has delivered as of now. There is no great explanation for why you can't deliver both a static rendition of an eBook and an interactive variant.

5. Instruments and Calculators

One more famous type of interactive content comes in the method of calculators and instruments. Useful devices that assist clients with performing muddled conditions or assess their holding some up can be a strong method for getting the attention of your optimal customers.

We should investigate a model from Kaufman Rossin, a CPA, and monetary warning firm. They made a US charge adding machine for unfamiliar possessed enterprises that permitted clients to analyze government charges and those in states with weighty unfamiliar capital speculation.

Clients who answer a progression of inquiries connected with their gross income and costs are given the projected duty rates in the four states:

We should take a gander at a more fundamental model from MTNOnline, a Nigerian telecom company. They dealt with a key issue: They had no basic method for knowing how much data supporters would require when they pursued an arrangement.

Accordingly, the company delivered a straightforward data use mini-computer that permitted customers to enter a few factors (video hours watched, social media utilization, web surfing) to provide them with the best guess of how much data they utilized every month. Consumers utilized this information to pick an arrangement that would be best for them.

The outcome? This basic data use adding machine was shared more than multiple times and turned into a practical piece of the company's new client onboarding process. This straightforward speculation gave a colossal advantage to this little telecom.

More Interaction Means More Leads and Better Customers

Making interactive content leads to greater commitment, more leads, and more dedication from your customers. Customers are more ready to impart their information to organizations that exceed everyone's expectations to deliver content that is truly useful and locking in. The models illustrated in this article should assist you with getting the cogwheels turning in the way in which you can take existing content and data and transform it into something that will get the eyes of your optimal customers.

It's most likely correct that we will see reliable development in interactive content in 2022 and then some so the thing would you say you are sitting tight for?

Singleton Whisky Connects with FK & Jola for 'I Said What I Said' (ISWIS) Owambe Event


The Singleton Whisky treated partygoers at the I Said What I Said (ISWIS) Owambe to a taste of greenish-blue as the highly anticipated presentation of the event lived up to its billing of 'party unusual. This partnership addresses the ideal pairing in light of the fact that as FK and Jola express their musings unashamedly, The Singleton approaches whisky sweethearts and otherwise to appreciate drinks and indeed life unapologetically.

Staying consistent with the subject, The Singleton offered a specially arranged cocktail menu like none other with the Faaji Express being the most famous. The group's favorite cocktail was the consequence of The Singleton's meeting with the pleasantness of honey, apple, pineapple, and the spice of ginger. Faaji never tasted better!

          Singleton Whisky Connects with FK & Jola for 'I Said What I Said' (ISWIS) Owambe Event

Complete with aso ebi, highlife renditions of graph topping hits from a live band just as appearances from celebrity guests like Denola Gray, the event was packed with the universally adored things about Owambe.

Stay aware of @thesingletonngr for more exotic cocktail recipes.


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