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A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.

A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.

Without strategy, content is just stuff, and the world has enough stuff.

Without strategy, content is just stuff, and the world has enough stuff.

Content is king, but marketing is queen and runs the household.

Content is king, but marketing is queen and runs the household.

The best way to persuade people is with your ears – by listening to them.

The best way to persuade people is with your ears – by listening to them.

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Make A Big Impact For Your Business Utilizing A Content Marketing Agency


In the present quick moving online world, both business and client needs have changed. Thus, so have marketing strategies. While many have known about content marketing, there's still disarray encompassing what a content marketing agency does. To lay it out plainly, a content marketing agency makes and offers online materials, for example, blog posts, videos, podcasts, and more, in the interest of a business to generate leads or make deals. 

Content marketing agencies are key since they balance the expense and time a business would require to execute its content marketing strategy. Their ability in websites, social media, and advertising is essential to building brand awareness, making clients reliable, and elevating the business to expected customers. Here's a definitive manual for exploring what a content marketing agency does. 

What Is Content Marketing? 

To understand what a content marketing agency does, it's first essential to understand what content marketing is. Content marketing is best depicted as a type of inbound marketing. Instead of the ordinary ad arrangement on TV or radio, content marketing attracts customers by making customized experiences generally dependent on the content they're searching for online. Content marketing strategies should be special to the business. Notwithstanding, perhaps the most common structure has been blogging. 

For content advertisers, search engine optimization (SEO) is significant in blog posts since utilizing explicit keywords and noting pertinent search questions leads to a higher ranking on search engines. Thus, more natural traffic is headed to the site, which thusly makes income. In this manner, materials utilized for content marketing give accommodating or applicable data that somebody's already searching for. The best thing about content marketing is there are numerous varieties of materials, which implies there's consistently at any rate one structure applicable to each business and their requirements. 

How Does Content Marketing Work For Businesses? 

While content marketing attempts to generate leads or make deals, it offers numerous different services and advantages to businesses. Content marketing starts with making significant and novel content that can come in numerous structures, including blog posts, infographics, videos, and social media posts. The content is then shared online where target audiences searching for pertinent data can discover it on a site or through social media platforms. 

Incredible content urges clients to invest more energy in the content or site and over and again get back to the brand. While this makes clients reliable, it can likewise lead to online buys or lead age, for example, pursuing the organization's mailing list. Thusly, content marketing needs to include unique, special, and remarkable content while tracking down the correct clients who can turn into a devoted audience and offer materials in regards to the business or brand with people around them. 

Content Marketing and Social Media 

While blog posts might be the most popular type of content marketing, they've gotten more popular on social platforms in the midst of the ascent of social media. Social media marketing is currently its own personal piece of content marketing, and the two function admirably together. 

Sharing content on different social media platforms regularly considers brands or websites to accumulate higher traffic. This can set out business open doors, including trading and advancing the content of others to make them share and advancing your content. One of content marketing's greatest advantages is that a bounty of content can be reused for new leads or new customers, making the result on only one piece of content significantly more noteworthy. 

Social media marketing can likewise lead to influencer marketing and social media advertising. A content marketing agency will actually want to recognize which choice is best for a particular brand or business and build up a marketing strategy that harmonizes with the particular marketing and objectives. 

Why Use A Content Marketing Agency? 

Numerous companies, influencers, and business people don't have marketing divisions, which is the place where a content marketing agency comes in. Having a site and a social media presence is just one stage in building a business in the online world; the second is creating persistent quality, unique content to guarantee the business or brand isn't lost among its rivals. 

A content marketing agency gives that content while bringing the mastery, backing, and thought leadership to help a business or brand move upward in its industry. An agency will likewise guarantee a business keeps focused on its content strategy and plan and recognizes the correct objective audience, which is fundamental in remaining important in the industry. Content marketing offices are likewise gainful for short-or long haul projects, giving the actual business more opportunity to zero in on the product or brand while the agency handles the execution of the strategy. 

Content marketing is significantly more than advancing content. Content marketing organizations utilize their skill to the advantage of businesses all over. Content marketing is vital to stay aware of contenders, draw in more customers, and stand out in the industry. A content marketing agency can likewise help in the making of incredible content, which leads to a bigger site reach, better brand awareness, and lower costs while building up a brand or business as an expert in its field. 

Each piece of content can have an effect. A content marketing agency guarantees that a business's content is of all that quality and the most gainful it very well may be for its audiences and customers.

If you need consultation on Content Marketing for your business, kindly contact us. We would love to be part of your brand's success story.

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2021 International Worker's Day Quotes To Send To Your Friends & Colleagues To Motivate Them



Every year, May 1 is observed as International Worker's Day, also popularly known as International Labour Day across the globe. It is also often referred to as "May Day" in several countries and is a celebration of laborers as well as the working classes worldwide against exploitation by employers while it also promotes the International Labour Movement. The first day of May every year is observed as a public holiday in many countries including India as International Workers' Day, Labour Day, or May Day. 

However, in other countries such as the United States and CanadaLabour Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September month.

 The day has its origins way back in the 19th Century after trade unions and workers in the US took to the streets to put forth their demands of reduction in daily working hours and better working conditions. In terms of India, May Day was first celebrated across the country back in 1923, after the Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan initiated the celebration in Madras. While this year around, gatherings to celebrate May Day wouldn't be a great idea, read on to check out a list of International Worker's Day quotes to send to your beloved colleagues on this special occasion.

Here's a list of International Worker's day quotes/ International Labour Day quotes:

"A worker is a creator and a great asset to every nation. Happy International Worker's Day!"

"Physical labour not only does not exclude the possibility of mental activity, but also improves and stimulates it. Happy International Labour Day!"

"Celebrate workers to celebrate the existence and growth of every nation. Happy Worker's Day! "

"Labour is the ladder through which human dignity and creative excellence are expressed. Happy International Labour Day!"

"Work keeps at bay three great evils: boredom, vice, and need. Happy International Worker's Day!"

"There is nothing laudable in work for work's sake. Happy Labour Day!"

"Work is no disgrace; the disgrace is idleness. Happy International Worker's Day!"

"One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.
 Happy International Labour Day!"

"All wealth is the product of labour.  Happy International Labour Day!"

"He who labours diligently need never despair; for all things are accomplished by diligence and labour. Happy Labour Day!"

"There is dignity in labour. Be proud of what you do. Happy worker's day."

"The world is better because of all you do. I’m so proud of you. Happy Labour Day."

"I celebrate you today for all the hard work you do. Your sweat brings food to family table. Happy workers day my love."

"Here’s letting you know that all that you do matters. Happy Labour Day."

"May you not sweat in vain. May you always enjoy the fruit of your labour. Happy May day."

"Here’s a good opportunity for me to appreciate you for all you do. You are such an amazing worker and I wish you a beautiful worker’s day celebration."

"The work you do is indispensable. Thank you for selflessly contributing your quota to making our company the best amongst competitors. Happy workers day."

"Happy workers day to all the hardworking men and women out there. May your labour not be in vain."

"Here’s sending you good wishes on this workers day. May the labour of your hands be blessed commensurately."

"For all your hard work and toil, I wish you a happy workers day."

"Your labour is the seeds that germinate and grow into all the giant spheres that form our nation. Thank you for the part you play in building our nation. Happy workers day."

"May the celebration of this labour day inspire you to be a better worker. Happy workers day."

"There is no shame in labour. Being able to work and provide for oneself is a blessing to be thankful for. Happy workers day."

"Get your hands dirty. Locate where the money is. There is no shame in labour. Happy May day."

"It’s better to work than to beg. There is Pride in labour. Happy workers day."

"Never trivialize what you do. You’re an important part of the labour force. Happy worker's day."

"Without workers, there would be no nation. Workers lay the building blocks of every nation. You matter. Happy worker's day."

"There is satisfaction in work. There is fulfillment in labour. Happy labour day."

"You deserve the rest you’re getting today. Thank you for all you do to make all our lives better. Happy worker's day."

"Rest is sweet when labour is fulfilled. True freedom lies in hard work. Happy worker's day."

"Thank you for working so hard to prevent our family from wallowing in poverty. Happy worker's day."

"Workers are the true rulers. They bear the cross, they deserve the crown. Have a wonderful worker's day celebration.

"Let your creativity find expression in work. Happy Labour Day."

"Workers are heroes. They build the nation. I’m proud of you. You are a hard worker. Happy worker's day."

'The reward of idleness is poverty. The reward of labour is prosperity. May your labour yield abundance for you. Happy worker's day."

"Approach labour with dignity. Embrace it with honor and it will yield for your abundance. Happy labour day."

"May all your labour does not go to waste. May your efforts yield prosperity and peace for you. Amen."

"Blow the trumpet loud. Celebrate the men and women who work tirelessly to make the world better. Celebrate labour. Happy worker's day."

"Workers are essential people in our society. From the health sector to the agricultural sector, to every sector. They make society work. Workers move the wheel of society. Happy labour day."

"The helping hand you need is at the end of your right hand. Work brings wealth. Happy labour day."

"May the blessing of the Lord be upon your labour. May your little effort yield plenty. Happy worker’s day celebration."

"Society thrives on the sweat of workers. No workers, no society. Happy worker's day."

So what are your plans to celebrate this year’s international workers day? Whatever your plans are, be sure to incorporate lots of fun and plenty of rest. We wish you a truly happy one.

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How To Get More Sales From Running A Highly Effective Instagram Photo Contest For Your Brand


With regards to engaging fans, assembling an audience, and advancing a contribution, it doesn't beat Instagram. You can carry out heaps of outstanding strategies to excel on Instagram, with quite possibly the most effective creatures running a photo contest. 

An Instagram photo contest is a basic however amazing kind of campaign where you request that users make and offer important photos or videos for the opportunity to win a prize. 

How you use photo contests is altogether dependent upon you. You can get participants to share photos of themselves with your products, videos of your products in real life, or whatever else that is engaging and important. 

In this blog post, we'll take you through all you require to think about running your own exceptionally compelling Instagram photo contest

Why You Should Run An Instagram Photo Contest 

Running a photo contest has a lot of significant benefits. It's an extraordinary method to get individuals energized, draw in your audience, and the best part is that get your greatest fans posting branded photos for their own social circles to see. 

This is marvelous for a couple of reasons: 

(a) Raising Awareness and Boosting Visibility: 

Utilizing a contest to urge users to make and share branded content for your benefit will help you support perceivability, bring issues to light, and get individuals discussing your brand. This is an outstanding method to associate with another audience and discover imminent new customers. 

(b) Building Positive Associations: 

Just as boosting awareness, photo contests are additionally an amazing method to fabricate a positive impression of your brand. Having a lot of photos of cheerful customers is an incredible method to get individuals to see you in a positive light and help assemble a solid feeling of community around your brand. 

(c) Spreading Promotional Material: 

Having users make and post photos of themselves making the most of your products is basically getting your fans to share special material for your benefit. Additionally, material coming from users has the reward of being more new, trustworthy, relatable, and engaging than your own content. 

(d) Collecting Valuable Content: 

Just as getting this authentic and engaging content shared across Instagram, you'll likewise have the option to gather it to remember for your own marketing material. This could be posting it on Instagram and other social media platforms or showing it on your website. 

A basic Instagram photo contest has all these astonishing benefits and it will set you back minimal more than the cost of a prize. 

Instructions To Run A Photo Contest On Instagram 

Setting up a photo contest on Instagram is a genuinely straightforward endeavor. You should simply make an Instagram post that declares your contest, features your prize, and gives users guidelines on how they can enter. 

This ought to incorporate what kind of photos they need to post, and how they should tag them. This can be with an assigned #hashtag or by @mentioning your Instagram profile. 

Ensuring contestants appropriately tag their submissions is pivotal to having the option to handily gather sections and pick winners. 

With regards to picking a prize you need to guarantee you're parting with something sufficiently significant to approve the effort required, and adequately applicable to your niche that it will engage your target audience. When in doubt, parting with your own item or your very own heap products makes for an ideal prize; however, many other splendid prizes can give away. 

To consent to Instagram's Promotion Policy, you ought to likewise clarify that your content isn't sponsored by or related to Instagram, and give users your contest's terms and conditions. You can share these in your contest post, or to keep things clean you can leave them in a remark or connection off to them from your profile. 

Your terms and conditions ought to incorporate any significant dates, entry limitations, how the winner will be chosen and what the prize is. Likewise, you ought to clarify that participating in your contest users allows you to repost and utilize their content, which is unbelievably simple when you create your photo contest with Ikonerx

Promoting A Photo Contest 

The most ideal way you can advance your photo contest is basically by reporting it in an Instagram post that clarifies the contest, features the prize, and gets individuals eager to enter. 

To augment awareness and participation you should keep posting updates until you quit tolerating submissions. Sharing probably the best submissions you've effectively gotten is a decent method to support eagerness and move individuals to make and share their own entries. 

Just as advancing the contest in your Instagram posts, there are a few alternative ways you can advance your campaign and assemble fervor: 

(a) Include It In Your Instagram Bio: 

Reporting your contest in your Instagram bio is an extraordinary method to command the notice of pertinent users who visit your profile. If you've set up a site page that clarifies your giveaway (and possibly exhibits submissions) you can connect to it from your profile. 

(b) Promote It In Your Instagram Stories: 

Advancing your contest in your Instagram stories is a marvelous method to expand your perceivability and continue to urge your fans to get included. 

You can utilize your stories to clarify the contest without further ado, or connect users to a post where everything is illustrated. 

(c) Share It On Other Social Media Platforms: 

If you have a functioning presence on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or even Snapchat it's a smart thought to declare your photo contest across these platforms and urge your followers to make a beeline for your Instagram page for an opportunity to win. 

Just as assisting you with expanding participation, this can likewise get more eyes on your Instagram profile and cross-fertilize your social after. 

Sorts Of Photos You Can Collect 

At the point when you run an Instagram photo contest probably the greatest choice you'll have to make is the thing that sort of content you need users to submit. 

Here are probably the best sorts of content you can get your fans to share that will assist you with standing out, draw in your audience, and advance your contribution: 

(a) Photos of Your Products In Action: 

The specific idea of this content will rely upon your contribution; however, utilizing contests to create photos or videos of your item in real life is a splendid method to get users to share content that advances your contribution in an authentic and relatable manner. 

This could be anything from photos of them wearing your garments or utilizing your item, to pictures of them appreciating an experience you offer. 

(b) Creative Use Of Your Product: 

An exceptionally engaging kind of limited-time material you can gather with contests is the creative, interesting, or progressed utilization of your products. 

Starbucks has worked effectively on this with their #RedCupContest which urges users to decorate their exceptional Starbucks cups and offer them online. 

Creative or progressed use photos can be whatever goes a stage past a photo of a cheerful customer. You could want photos of individuals utilizing your item in creative and eccentric manners to rustle up engagement or you could feature the full degree of your item's worth by urging users to flaunt master utilization of your item. 

(c) Anything Relevant To Your Niche: 

Photo contests are amazing for empowering the creation and sharing of client content that will help advance your brand, yet this doesn't generally need to be pretty much as immediate as photos and videos of your products. 

You can run a profoundly engaging and important campaign by getting your fans to submit photos or videos that are significant and interesting to your audience and niche somehow or another. 

Busabout, a travel tour company, worked really hard on this by urging their audience to share their best travel photos for an opportunity to win. They didn't need to request photos of Busabout visits since they realized that getting individuals to impart great travel pics to a Busabout tag joined would be sufficient to help awareness and advance their contribution. 

While this kind of photo contest may not straightforwardly advance your contribution it can, in any case, be a phenomenal method to stand out, form connections, make a pleasant conversation around your brand, and support positive affiliations. Besides, you will not confine submissions to customers which can help you drive more submissions and acquire a foothold. 

Utilizing #Hashtags and @Mentions 

Whenever you run a photo contest on Instagram you will require a reasonable method of monitoring submissions and gathering sections. 

The two most ideal ways you can do this are getting users to tag all their accommodation posts either by utilizing an assigned #hashtag or utilizing a @mention to tag your profile in the post. 

This will permit you to effortlessly distinguish, monitor, and gather submissions, just as draw winners when it's an ideal opportunity to wrap things up. 

(a) Mentions: 

Expecting contestants to @mention you in their posts is a decent way to deal with taking for a couple of reasons. 

First and foremost, when users tag you in their photos the entirety of their followers who see the post will likewise see you tagged in it. This will help you support exposure and can be a wonderful method to interface with another audience. 

Besides, utilizing mentions will give you clear responsibility for the campaign, while hashtags can in some cases take on an unmistakable overflow of energy and branch off into unimportant utilization. 

Furthermore, when you use @mentions just as #hashtags Instagram permits you to catch more information like @usernames and timestamps from submissions when you utilize an application to gather submissions. 

(b) Hashtags: 

Hashtags are additionally an extraordinary method to get participants to tag their submissions. Hashtags have an exceptionally engaging and social nature to them which makes them incredible for sharing around. If your contest gets large enough your hashtag even can possibly become a web sensation. 

Another upside of hashtags is their capacity to recognize your brand as well as convey insights regarding your contest which will quickly sign individuals into what your campaign's about. 

Hashtags and mentions both have their own exceptional upsides with regards to distinguishing contest sections, and if you need the smartest possible solution, you can even request that participants utilize your hashtag and mention you in their post. 

Instructions To Create A Good Contest Hashtag 

At the point when you use hashtags to gather passages, you'll have to make a brand new and interesting hashtag to utilize. This will assume a huge part in your contest so you should take care of business. 

At whatever point you made a hashtag you need to ensure it's: 

- Branded 

- Relevant to your contest 

- Easy to peruse (it assists with promoting the main letter of each word) 

- Short, catchy, and memorable 

- Original and special to your contest (consistently make certain to look at your hashtag before you dispatch) 

Picking Winners 

Quite possibly the most important (and surely the most unpredictable) segments of running an Instagram photo contest are gathering passages and drawing winners. 

In case you're picking winners dependent on legitimacy or ability you can glance through each accommodation and pick your favorite. This is staggeringly tedious yet moderately straightforward. Simply ensure you have an unmistakably characterized determination rule set up. 

(a) Picking Random Winners: 

If you need to pick winners at random, which is, for the most part, the most ideal approach at that point you'll have to adopt an alternate strategy. 

Until in the relatively recent past, Instagram's API permitted you to pull in historic posts from hashtags and there were a few free online instruments you could use to randomly pick a winner from a hashtag of your decision. This had its own limits, however, it was helpful in any case. 

Unfortunately, Instagram no longer permits this, so you are left with two principle choices: 

- You can physically look through your hashtag or mentions, gather each substantial entry, put them into a list, and utilize a random number generator or random list picker to pick your winner. 

- You can run your contest with a device that will consequently gather sections from hashtags or mentions progressively and immediately draw a random winner when you're prepared. 

Since the main choice is ridiculously tedious and untrustworthy we suggest that you adopt the subsequent strategy. 

Instructions To Automatically Collect Entries and Pick Winners 

The most ideal approach to consequently gather passages and pick random winners for your photo contest is with Gleam's Competitions application

Utilizing Gleam's import actions you can run incredible Instagram photo contests that naturally import and gather photos or videos which utilize a predetermined hashtag or mention your Instagram profile. 

You can even expect users to @mention you and utilize your #hashtag. This is the ideal way to deal with taking as you can appreciate every one of the benefits of utilizing #hashtags including supported engagement and viral potential, while likewise having the option to take clear responsibility for the campaign and catch more client information from participants on account of the @mentions. 

This permits you to run incredible photo contests that users can enter while never leaving Instagram. 

You can even utilize our entry span highlight to decide how often users can enter. You can permit single, hourly, every day, week by week, or limitless passages. 

Also, you can undoubtedly approve sections to ensure they fit your accommodation models. You can approve passages really, or you can just stand by until your contest is finished and draw a winner. If it's invalid, you can in a flash invalidate it and pick another winner. 

Displaying Your Content 

In the outcome of your photo contest, you ought to be left with a lot of unfathomably important client-created content. These photos or videos will furnish you with an enormous measure of significant worth when they're at first made and shared by fans, however on the off chance that you truly need to capitalize on your photo contest, it's a smart thought to utilize great submissions as your very own piece future limited time efforts. 

The content you gather will be exceptionally trustworthy and engaging, so it's certainly worth accepting and sharing with your own audience. 

You can do this by sharing the content across your own social media channels, incorporating it into your email bulletins, or in any event, showing it on your website. 

Showing a curated exhibition of customer photos on your website is an awesome method to furnish forthcoming customers with solid social confirmation and offer authentic photos of your contribution that will help construct trust and drive sales.

If you need consultation on Instagram Contests Promotions for your business, kindly contact us. We would love to be part of your brand's success story.

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