Today’s small business owners have more options than ever when it comes to their business marketing ideas. So even if you can’t afford a national TV ad or a full-page spread in Newspapers or even Magazines, you can still get your brand message in front of relevant customers without blowing your entire budget.

If you’re looking for small business marketing ideas on a low budget or even a few free advertising ideas, here are our recommended top 37 ideas for you. The below marketing ideas covers the different parts of marketing which include:

Online marketing, Outdoor marketing, Social media marketing, and Traditional/Local marketing.


Set Up a Google My Business Page: 

Google pulls data about neighborhood businesses directly from the " Google My Business " postings. A posting is free. Include your company name, site, and hours to make it simpler to be discovered on the web. Stunt your listing off with alluring pictures to welcome snaps and engagement. 

Buy Search Advertising 

Google AdWords or Bing Ads bring customers who are effectively scanning for specific things. These promotions help your business highlight noticeably when individuals search for important expressions, phrases, or keywords you offer on. 

Use Retargeted Ads: 

Have you ever visited a certain website and immediately you exited such site, you started seeing their ads on almost any other website you visit including your social media...yeah! that's the power of ads retargeting.
You can Increase your arrangement close rate i.e conversion rate through retargeting. Retargeted advertisements appear after individuals leave your site, and remind them to return to your eCommerce site or landing page and buy that thing they were browsing or came across as the case may be. 

Support or sponsor Article Content on blogs: 

Offer idea initiative content by working with sites or online publishers ( bloggers) to distribute or publish sponsored content openings identified with your business industry. 

Place Banner Ads on blogs or Industry Website: 

Make outwardly engaged online advertisements, similar to banners or sidebar display banners, and afterward place them on blogs or websites applicable to your business. These are typically sold at a level expense or per-impression rate, for example, $10 per thousand impressions. 

Remember Business Listings: 

Having your business recorded or listed on applicable online catalogs can be a significant advantage to grow your business. A few website directories are free, yet may likewise offer paid alternatives to expand perceivability. 

Support or sponsor Products on Ecommerce Platforms: 

In the event that you sell items on huge eCommerce websites like Amazon, eBay, Azorazo, Jumia, Konga, Payporte, or Etsy, you can pay to help the perceivability of contributions so they'll be bound to appear in customers' searches. For example, if you have products that you sell on Azorazo Store, you can actually pay them to make your products come first on searches related to what you sell.

Native Online Ads Engagement: 

Native Online Ads are advertisements that fit with the style and usefulness of the other content of the site where they're highlighted. For instance, on the off chance that you need to promote on a site that offers video content, you could make a short video advertisement that fits consistently into the plan of the site. 

Support an Online Contest or Giveaway: 

Some online publishers or influencers offer giveaways or comparable challenges to their followers. Offer up an item or contribute toward an uncommon prize, The expense isn't that much. 

Exchange Website Ad Space with Other Small Businesses: 

In case you're low on money for online advertisements, maybe you could exchange some space on your own site or in your email newsletter with another business that has a covering objective market. You get to advertise your goods and services on the other's website and the same applies to the person on yours too.

Arrangement An Email  Newsletter: 

Send item promotions to customers by means of email. Get your customers to pursue refreshes by offering selective limits, early access, or different impetuses.


Add Signage to Your Location: 

The zone or area directly outside your store or business is overly significant. Make a point to adhere to any neighborhood zoning rules and afterward include a sufficiently bright and obvious sign that publicizes your business well. 

Utilize Human Billboards: 

To point out your business from the traffic intersection, enlist a human bulletin or a sign spinner services, for example, AArrow Sign Spinners. Sign spinners are individuals who remain on the corner of your store with a sign, generally paid hourly. Check neighborhood statutes to perceive what is acceptable. This idea of marketing is hardly seen in Nigeria but it does work as it does attract passerby to your store.

Buy Billboard Space: 

To get your brand message before neighborhood customers, you can buy space on nearby billboards. This is particularly significant for drive-by businesses, similar to cafés or accommodation stores. 

Publicize with Digital Outdoor Signage: 

A few urban areas or well-known milestones have marked with turning advanced advertising messages. Include focused on punch by advertising in the region of event shows or occasions that pull in your intended interest group. 

Brand Your Vehicle 

In the event that your business has vehicles that take you to support arrangements, such as parcel deliveries, plumbing, or HVAC trucks, you can brand your vehicle that transforms your method of transportation into a portable notice. Even better, leave your branded vehicle conspicuously before your place of business when it's not being used. 

Publicize in Unconventional Places 

At last, no assortment of private venture advertising thoughts would be finished without something you may not commonly consider. So think about physical promotions in unordinary spots. This could incorporate advertisements inside lifts, Restaurants, shopping complexes, or close to elevators. You can even purchase promotions on shopping baskets at your locale market.


Publicize on Facebook 

Facebook is the most well-known internet based life platform with over 1.4 billion day by day users. Advertising choices for private ventures run from boosting the span of a post to putting advertisements that advance your item — beginning at under $1 to $10.00. While you'll need to spend in excess of 10 bucks for huge outcomes, the fact of the matter is that Facebook advertisement battles can fit a little financial plan. 

Use Messenger Ads 

In case you're hoping to begin discussions with customers, Facebook's Messenger stage offers an advertising alternative to make it simple for customers to contact you. If you check over our home page, you'll definitely see a Facebook message chatbot. With that, we can easily communicate with our online audience immediately without having to keep them on hold.

Make YouTube Video Ads 

YouTube offers choices for short video commercials that play before videos on the site and application. Indeed, even more affordable, make incredible video content and enhance it well, or lift it to get greater perceivability. This is a decent choice for service businesses with enlightening content, as "how-to" video recordings are the second most-watched classification on YouTube. 

Use LinkedIn Ads 

For businesses that target experts or different businesses, look at LinkedIn Advertisements. While more costly than other social platforms, LinkedIn advertisements might be more focused on. For B2B businesses, they might be justified, despite all the trouble. 

Elevate Social Posts to Encourage Organic Sharing 

Social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest all offer advertising alternatives to help the perceivability of posts. These choices can kick-off commitment, prompting all the more sharing of your substance normally. 

Work with Influencers on a Campaign 

Work with social media influencers applicable to your objective market to get the message out about specific content. Discover influencers with a credible after and urge them to impart their experience to your content. Make certain to uncover per FTC Rules, as required. 

Support a Podcast Show

Another audio format that is picked up fame as of late is audio digital broadcasts. Numerous podcasters would be excited to have support. They'll announce a short message about your business in return for a charge. 

Make an Affiliate Program 

Make an affiliate program. In this sort of program, you repay online distributors or influencers for the business they drive to your site, in view of the following connections you set up.


Take advantage of Business Cards 

Business cards can fill in as low spending advertising. Incorporate a markdown code on the rear of your card, and spot a stack on your front counter or checkout counter. Individuals will gobble them up if there's a motivating force. Or then again give each fulfilled client a couple of your cards (with or without a markdown code) so they can hand them out to neighbors and companions. It's a decent method to support referrals. 

Support a Local Event 

Contribute monetarily toward neighborhood magnanimous or network occasions — or make an in-kind item gift. You'll likely get signage or in any case, get your business before members. Also, you'll get the fulfillment of supporting a network cause. 

Make and Distribute Brochures 

Disperse heaps of physical pamphlets or postcards to guests' focuses or nearby businesses, for example, bistros that permit it. Locate the well-known spots. This is one time when it's acceptable to be among rivalry. The more flyers or cards, the more probable customers are adapted to search for them there. 

Draw in Customers with Magnets 

Print up little things like Tshirts, bags, books, and pens with your business name, logo, and contact data to give out to customers on nearby occasions or when you visit their homes to offer support. They are an update whenever somebody has a requirement for your item or administration. 

Put an Ad in the Church Bulletin or Community Newsletter 

Hyper neighborhood businesses may get great ROI by setting little advertisements in chapel releases. Or on the other hand, look no farther than your mortgage holders' affiliation bulletin. What's more, there are neighborhood network locales like Nextdoor, which likewise offer supported posts for neighborhood businesses. 

Set Up For business at a Local Festival 

On the off chance that your locale has any nearby trade fairs or celebrations where businesses can buy selling spaces, you can open for business there and meet with neighborhood buyers or considerably offer item tests. 

Make Company T-Shirts 

You can likewise make shirts with your company name and logo, or even a short slogan. They fill in a kind of wearable advertisements. Wear them on neighborhood occasions or even hand them out to customers so they can take an interest too. 

Support a Radio Contest or Giveaway 

One approach to convey the desired information to radio audience members is by supporting a challenge or a program. Offer up one of your items as a prize or support a unique prize, for example, a voyage in return for the station crediting your business. 

Locate the Right Format for a Newspaper Ad 

Papers are incredible for arriving at neighborhood customers. Eateries, bars, and bistros my focus toward the end of the week diversion pull-out segment. Specialist co-ops may concentrate on arranged advertisements, which are especially financially savvy. A few papers offer advertorial alternatives that permit businesses to support composed substance to teach about an answer. 

Make a Magazine Ad 

Magazine promotions offer an extraordinary configuration for businesses that put a substantial accentuation on visuals. Exchange magazines are important for businesses that oblige specialty followings or explicit ventures. 

Make Cable or Local TV Ads 

Television plugs offer another customary advertisement position. Disregard national systems. For private companies, focus on the local news stations or satellite TV to fit inside your financial plan. 

Support a Trade Show or Industry Event 

Imagine a scenario where your business is centered around a particular industry or specialty instead of geographic territory. Displaying at expos or supporting industry occasions is customized for you.

📍If you find any of the above marketing ideas interesting and valuable but hard for you to implement in your business, don't hesitate to contact us.

📷Image Credit: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels