PPC and CPC stand for Pay-per-click and Cost-per-click, individually. The networks that offer payments per click on the ads or connections are PPC/CPC ad networks. 

Being a piece of ad tech, we know getting a click on ads is a very rare occasion. Notwithstanding, clients do click on ads. Particularly during the Q4, advertisers see an expansion in the number of clicks on ads. 

When contrasted and impressions, clicks on ads show signs of improving collaboration and commitment to advertisers. Subsequently, advertisers consent to pay more for clicks on ads. On the off chance that you are banded together with a decent network, at that point you can without a doubt make the most out of the CPC model of payment. 

To spare you some time, we are giving you a rundown of top CPC/PPC ad networks: 

1. Propeller Ads 

Propeller Ads is a full and self-administration advertising network giving far-reaching and industry-leading ad-serving and improved technologies for online marketers and web publishers. 

Dissimilar to other advertising networks that require your website to meet certain necessities, one of the one of a kind highlights is it's overly simple to begin. Your record is enacted when you join and can begin procuring in practically no time. 

They acknowledge all websites that meet their casual terms and conditions. Regardless of whether you made your website today and just have a handful of visitors, or bring thousands of one of a kind perspectives every day – you can consider Propeller Ads your new home.

In case you're already utilizing AdSense yet need to additionally expand your website revenue, Propeller Ads can be utilized related to a few ad and subsidiary networks, for example, Commission Junction and Clickbank. 

There are not many confinements utilizing our administration and our ads are an extraordinary method to augment your website's winning potential. 

Most advertising networks have a fill rate of under 60%. This implies for each 100 ad demands, just 60 will be served ads while the other 40 see nothing, and potential revenue is lost. 

Propeller Ads has just about a 100% fill rate guaranteeing you amplify revenue for every single visitor. Dissimilar to numerous other advertising networks, we can monetize global traffic from hard to monetize nations (barring China), settling on us the ideal decision if your site gets traffic from different topographical areas. 

2. Infolinks 

Infolinks cases to be a keen ad platform for publishers to make money via their blogs and websites. It generates high revenue for more than 100,000 online publishers, worldwide. Infolinks is one of the more famous beneficial pay sources since its ad units are relatively inconspicuous they don't have standard flag space. Instead, the ads seem limited or in hyperlinks, and visitors need just to drift their mouse pointers over the connections for the ads to show up. 

Infolinks ads are without native to utilize, work incredible with all other ad arrangements, and don't meddle with the client's understanding. Endorsement time to Infolinks is very short, and that is on the grounds that it depends on your site's substance and not on the measure of traffic you generate. 

The establishment is very simple with a code you just add to the body of your website. You can even utilize a module that accomplishes the work for you on the off chance that you use WordPress, Joomla, Blogger, or Drupal. Publishers have loads of authority over the ads as to area and number, and its support group is benevolent and fast to react. Infolinks' advertisers are chosen dependent on their quality, that is the reason they work with the best brands in the world like Facebook, Amazon, Taboola, eBay, Ali Express, Pizza Hut, TripAdvisor, and some more. 

3. Google AdSense 

For prospering bloggers and other website proprietors, Google AdSense is a go-to put. One of the principal advantages of AdSense is that Google works with a large number of advertisers (Google Display Network). Its capacity to convey high-quality pertinent ads makes AdSense surprisingly better, alongside the high CTR on ads. 

As the website proprietor, you can control exactly what kinds of ads show up on the pages of your webpage. With AdSense, publishers approach reports and measurements which can show exactly how viable the ad campaigns are for the website. It's extremely simple to utilize, and there are no information exchange charges included. 

You'll get the chance to show ads that are related to the interests of your visitors, and you get paid to rely upon the number of visitors who click on the ads on your site. You can likewise place in a custom inquiry bars on your site, and win money from the ads that show up on the query items page. You simply need to have adequate ad space and choose where the ads ought to go. Advertisers at that point take an interest in a constant sale to show up in your ad spaces and the highest paying ads at that point show up on your held ad spaces. This video gives you how the sale works. 

Many individuals make money from Adsense, so what's the trick? In the event that Google AdSense is so acceptable, for what reason doesn't everybody use it? The straightforward motivation behind why—not every person utilizes Adsense is that not every person is affirmed to join the network. You must be affirmed, and that implies you need to consent to all the conditions. For instance, if the essential language you use in your ad isn't among its rundown of supported dialects, at that point you're in a tough situation. 

Numerous former AdSense individuals have likewise been suspended on the grounds that they've been blamed for click extortion. Obviously, being denounced isn't equivalent to being blameworthy, however, Google is both your informer and judge. On the off chance that they state they're suspending your record, there's very little you can do. You can bid, yet since you're additionally speaking to Google… well, you get the thought. So make sure you're never totally reliant on it. So in spite of the Google stone monument, there's space for ad network alternatives out there. 

In the event that you already use Adsense, read some testing and streamlining tips to build your Adsense income. 

4. Bidvertiser 

Bidvertiser offers adaptation answer for publishers' inventory by making them reach to premium demand. In the event that you have a website and you need to join, there are the standard conditions, for example, not permitting adult sites and/or sites selling unlawful medications. You can't join if your website is under development, or if your webpage already has an excess of advertising, in the first place. 

Notwithstanding, many have remarked that the endorsement procedure is fast and simple in light of the fact that there is by all accounts no necessity with respect to traffic volume and language utilized. There's a simple establishment with an HTML code to be added to your webpages, and you can without much of a stretch change the presence of the ads. 

The payout may not be as high for every click, except you procure money on clicks as well as on changes too. Transformations are the point at which the clicking visitor goes to the advertiser's website and really makes a buy. 

There are still issues, however. In the event that you are centered around a little niche, at that point, the ads that show up may not be such pertinent to your site. And the reporting isn't exactly as point by point as they should be; you don't get a ton of data in regards to impressions or click through rates. 

5. Revcontent 

Revcontent is a substance disclosure platform or a native ad network for publishers. Alongside the incredible strategies around native advertising, Revcontent is additionally known to offer some extraordinary CPC or PPC arrangement to publishers. 

As we realize that native ads have a portion of the high commission rates and low meddlesome score, Revcontent uses this to offer publishers with more advantages. Furthermore, Revcontent makes sure that the ads introduced on the website are identified with clients' inclinations expanding CTR. 

The company supports premium to little sides publishers. Be that as it may, the company has the least prerequisites around the month to month traffic (50,000 clients) a website gets. Revcontent pays on Net-30 terms via PayPal. Once on-loaded up with the company, the distributor can get to the continuous dashboard to follow ad performance. 

6. ClickAdilla 

ClickAdilla is a self-serve ad network for publishers. It offers different ad formats like PopUnder, pennant, pre-move, web-push, and native. Likewise, it empowers focusing on dependent on topography, program, IP address, and different categories. 

Publishers can pick the constant sales administration by the company. It empowers publishers to get in contact with the ClickAdilla SSP where they can connect with different demand accomplices. 

ClickAdilla offers payments via PayPal, Paxum, Bitcoin, Web Money, and ePayment. The payment terms and limits can be arranged. Utilizing the ClickAdilla's dashboard, publishers can follow the profit via the website's traffic. 

7. Vibrant Media 

This is one of the more notable PPC ad networks at this moment. Its top-notch brand advertisers can be found in a ton of mainstream high traffic sites. Its PPC rates are among the highest in the business, yet the catch is that they simply don't let any website participate in the good times. They need to believe your site to be a superior site. One of the conditions is by all accounts that you should get at any rate a large portion of a million site hits every month. 

The typical distributer rules are likewise in play, so this implies you can't have anything to do with an adult, betting, drugs, irreverence, abhor discourse, savagery (you can't sell immobilizers), or pretty much anything unlawful. 

The kinds of ads Vibrant Media has are very imaginative, with 11 intext ad formats accessible to utilize. This incorporates expanding video boxes, multi-button recordings, and expandable glimmer. There's likewise in-picture advertising, which a lot of visitors discover proficient and unpretentious. 

The ads are successful to the point that the click-through rates can be multiple times higher than the ads generated by AdSense. They likewise look extraordinary on cell phones like tablets and cell phones. So on the off chance that you are already effective in attracting loads of visitors to your site, you can use that fame by joining Vibrant Media and banding together with other premium advertisers. 

8. Clickadu 

Clickadu is a distributer's ad network managing over 740M ad impressions day by day. The different ad formats served by the company incorporate PopUnder, video ads, and flag ads among others for work area and cell phones. 

It has no base traffic necessity supporting even the little publishers for inventory adaptation. Be that as it may, the distributer's website despite everything needs to experience inspecting for Clickadu to acknowledge and favor it. 

It is extremely simple, to begin with, the company. Join, get affirmed, add the company's code, and begin. The company pays on Net-15 terms with a base limit of $100. Likewise, a distributor can expect payment via PayPal, Web Money, Paxum, Payoneer, and Wire Transfer. 

9. Adblade 

Adblade is a substance style ad platform or native ad network. The company has a self-serve platform for publishers where publishers can enhance the ad units to serve attractive ads on it. The network presents publishers with geo-focusing on and retargeting. 

The company professes to offer 3x better clicks on ads via premium substance style ads. The base traffic prerequisite for publishers is 500,000 online visits. And publishers ought to expect payment via Check and PayPal on Net-30 terms. 

10. AdCash 

AdCash is an advertising platform known to convey premium put together ads with respect to the distributer's website. The company deals with 200M one of a kind client consistently with 10,000+ dynamic campaigns. Under showcase advertising ad format, it offers native, pop, and interstitial ads. 

Its in-house technology empowers publishers to channel invalid traffic and forecast inventory performance. For publishers, it professes to offer a high fill rate, hostile to AdBlock technology, and quick inclusion. 

Publishers get the payment via Bank Transfer, PayPal, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Skrill, and Web Money. The base edge is $25 on adaptable payment terms. To begin, simply join with AdCash, place the ad labels, and begin seeing ads promptly. 

11. Clickbooth ( Now: PerformCB)

Clickbooth's CPC Network use long periods of performance-based advertising information to yield the highest eCPM's in the business from agreeable, high performing campaigns. By removing a layer of the condition, Clickbooth can outperform the opposition by 30-40%. With revenue offer and CPM models accessible, Clickbooth CPC has immediately become the "go-to" ad-serving answer for all the top Comscore and Alexa properties. At present, Clickbooth CPC serves over 6.5 Billion impressions every month on a portion of the premia, looked for after sites in the US and abroad including NBC, FOX, and more. 

At the point when asked about for what valid reason Publishers ought to pick Clickbooth, this is the thing that Chris Butlin, Director of CBCPC Publishing had to state "Publishers ought to pick CBCPC in light of the fact that our industry specialists are committed to making long haul adaptation answers for your site. We give our customers access to the biggest network of premium advertisers consequently conveyed to their site through advanced algorithms. These algorithms factor in buyer input systems to decide the best ads for the site's psychographics and socioeconomics". 

12. Media.net 

Note: If you pursue media.net utilizing our accomplice connect, Media.net will pay you 10% extra over your base revenue for the initial three months. 

Media.net is a Yahoo-Bing ad network. Web goliaths like Yahoo and Microsoft really had to consolidate their efforts and assets so as to offer a viable ad network alternative to AdSense. 

Media.net gives you logical ads‒relevant ads dependent on website/webpage niche. Publishers additionally have apparatuses to follow their ad performance continuously. 

Moreover, publishers can control the look and feel of the ads to additionally improve it to fit according to the site‒optimize color palette, ad themes, and advertisers channels. While the number of advertisers can really contrast with Google's, the conditions for being affirmed may really be harder for some worldwide bloggers. 

Besides having high-quality traffic and substance, your site's visitors should for the most part originate from Nigeria, US, Canada, or the UK. You're likewise required to utilize English as your site's essential language. 


With the goal that's it. Those are our main 12 CPC/PPC ad networks to look over, and this rundown should give you an additional punch in your salary section. Before you begin, make sure your inventory is ready to run a CPC/PPC campaign. Which means, it ought to have high CTR for you to make a profit from it. 

With twelve alternatives, there's in any event one that will make you some genuine money! Do post your remarks about your involvement in the networks in the wake of attempting them.