Do you know that as a blogger you can actually earn more money even without posting new content every day just by using the PopUnder Ads from Propeller, Yes! it's totally possible. Let us introduce you to one of the most effective ways of making more money through your low or high blog traffic - a Pop-Under Ads!


Propeller Ads is an advertising network that has been around since 2011. They’re based in the UK and have a sizable presence in most English-speaking nations. They are an “alternative traffic source” initially operating entirely within pop ads. Pop ads, in case you’re not sure, are generally pop-under windows. You know those times where you close your browser and see a website in a new window you don’t remember opening? That’s a pop-under.

In the last few years, they have expanded from just pop-unders, to include a couple of additional forms of advertising. Their on-click ads are the traditional pop-under; a user clicks in a side and that click opens the pop-under as well as whatever they had intended it to do.
We highly recommend that you try this format as it's based on the CPM model that is the most profitable ad solution that you can ever leverage.


Pop-Under Ads (also known as clickUnders) is one of the Propeller Ads that only appear in your new browser tab hidden under the main page the user is viewing. This Popunder ads appear when a user clicks anywhere on your website front page.

Such ads allow your visitors to skip the banner ad stage and bring users’ attention directly to a site or landing page. So this Popunder ads appear when a user clicks anywhere on the page. Using Popunders could help you to monetize all the incoming traffic on your blog or website and it pays you also for international traffic! 

Note: Propeller PopUnder Ads is not only for Publishers, but it also allows both online advertisers to take advantage of the benefits of Pop-Under.
Its frequency is 3 ads per 3 hours but it could be increased or decreased upon your request and changing the Popunder frequency will result in the income you are gaining.

The CPM payouts for Popunder ads are significantly higher than traditional display ads and help publishers get up to 200% more revenue from their audience.




 #1.Dynamic CPM Rates

The rates are fully dynamic and different for each website and depend on the kind of traffic, geo, traffic conversion rate, and a few more parameters. These PopUnder Ads offer the highest international traffic coverage which would help you earn as much as possible on your blog.


#2. You Get Paid For Every Impression

The Ads company  ( Propeller ) counts every Onclick Popunder impression and you will get paid for all of your blog visitors who see their ad offers.


#3.More Ad Spaces

OnClick also is known as PopUnder Ads doesn’t affect your current blog banner inventory and website design because ad space is not required for OnClick to actually work properly.

 #4. Your Blog Mobile Traffic Monetization Is Also Included

 Onclick Popunder ads work on most mobile devices, which gives you 100% monetization of your blog traffic without additional efforts.


  #5. It's Very Easy To Integrate

If you are an already user, Just paste a simple ad script in the source code below the <body> tag of your blog and start your earning big time.
Popunders  Ads are a great marketing tool that need not frustrate and irritate your visitors.

We highly recommend PropellerAds to bloggers and website users who want to start earning big money, because we know how frustrating it can be to apply for a Google Adsense and be waiting for weeks sometimes months before you're been approved. But with Propeller Ads you don't have to go through all that, once you apply immediately you get verified and start earning.

Join the leading  Ad network in the world which provides billions of amazing ads impressions every month and earn good money today. If you are new to Propeller Ads and you'll like to give it a try, kindly click Sign Up.

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