Currently there are thousands of Facebook groups if not millions and the amazing thing is how people spend so much time on this groups posting, liking and commenting. Facebook groups bring together individuals who share a common interest and when you join a group that’s probably made up of individuals who match your target customer then you’ll have multiple opportunities to improve awareness of yourself and your business by being helpful.

 You probably belong to some of this Facebook group (especially public groups that are created for fun and gossips having no restrictions or whatsoever.) Am sure you have come across some post(s) with maybe 1.5k Likes and 4k Comments in any of those Facebook groups and you’re wondering why would such post gain such engagement, let’s say you saw a post saying ‘’Girls post your recent picture and let the boys rate it from 1-10’’ .

As a business owner whose probably in such group, you sometimes wish your products and services could have such engagements but that’s about to change. Today I’ll show you how to leverage a Facebook group for your business but make sure that your business has a Facebook page and Facebook group.

Always add value to those groups, that’s another way of getting their attention.

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If you’re creating a Facebook group or you already have one, make sure that such group is not created in your business name because I recently discovered that people hardly join groups with a business name especially if your business isn’t global yet. Rather than using your business name to identify your group, just give it a name that reflects a specific topic within your industry which you’re an expert on; for example if you are in the skincare industry you can name such group, SKINCARE TIPS/TRICKS. Believe me this will draw a lot of people’s attention to the group especially those who are currently battling with skin issues. Don’t get carried away with the amount of people joining the group; always be focused on educating them with helpful posts, tips, tricks and even tutorials to help improve your member’s lives and encourage them to add their friends and also share your posts on their Facebook timeline.

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Giveaway! Giveaway! Giveaway! We all love that word especially when it’s been mentioned in a group that’s when everyone will turn to you and ready to do what it will take to get that prize. But mind you, it has to be a targeted giveaway not just anyhow giveaway because some might not really be interested in the community you’re trying to build.

If you have a product, just raffle two to three items. You can also raffle subscriptions, credit cards etc. I remember what a friend of mine who’s a photographer those especially when he needs more clients and also needs his brand to trend on social media for awhile, he’ll put up a free photo shoot contest.
You have to be strategic enough so as to get your ROI (Return of Investment),if you are not careful it might all just be a waste of time and resources especially when the giveaway is not happening in your own Facebook group. Some group admin may not allow you to post anything links but if you’re doing it in your own group, I would advise you make your group a closed group then share the particular giveaway post link anywhere so that before anyone could participate, he or she would have to join the group first. In that way you’ll be building more community for your business.

Sometimes you don’t even have to be the one to be sharing the links; your friends could also help out.



Never make that mistake of just posting without engaging with your group members, if you want your business group to grow more and attract more people, make sure to post custom contents that will spark interaction within your group members on that post. You could engage them on tutorials, Live Q&As, Polls, and Quizzes.

Always know that your Facebook group is not about you, it should be about its members and how the group can provide value for them. Also get them to try your products and post their reviews on that group, reward your customers who are also in that group and make them feel special that’s another way of keeping them engaged.

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Just like I said earlier on this post, there are thousands if not millions of Facebook groups out there and it’s amazing how people are joining these different groups either for fun, gossip or for education. So it’s not impossible to find groups related to your own industry niche.

First, find groups with at least 1k members that are also similar to yours and also with slightly different topic. For instance, a Facebook group for Skincare tips/tricks might also be interesting to Hair care guides group, Bags and shoes group might also be interesting to Fashion designers group. Simply join such groups and start adding value. Answer questions that come up, link to giveaways they might be interested in and ask questions yourself. The trick here is that, you are indirectly building your authority in such group. After some days, send a message to the group admin and ask if they’d be open to cross promotion. So they promote your group and in return you do same.


Replying just comments and posts is just not enough; yes no one will want to join a Facebook group if the admin isn’t active so you’ll really have to up your game in initiating conversions and replying to posts when you’re just starting out. Replying to a member’s post is one of the best ways you can acknowledge them for being part of the group.

Facebook groups can be an effective way to sell and gain more customers for your business; it’s also a powerful way to create an engaged community and find new customers and partners. There are many ways to use Facebook groups. Most important is finding a way to provide value for your group members that will keep them active and participating in the group discussions.

So if you’ll give it a try, what other questions do you want to ask about Facebook groups? Kindly let us know in the comment section below or you can connect with us easily via our Whatsapp bot.