Step into your power, break into your career.

BUILT BY GIRLS prepares the next generation of female and non-binary leaders to step boldly into careers powered by technology.

The New York-based organization is on a mission to prepare the future generation of female and non-binary leaders for careers powered by technology. Their community-driven content sparks conversations that elevate the voices of women everywhere. “Instagram has played a crucial role in enabling us to express the vibrancy of our brand," Carol says. "One thing that separates us from other organizations in this space is how we show up visually and tonally, and Instagram is where we can flex those elements every day.“⁣ 

Explore the infinite possibilities of a career powered by tech.

Going from college to career isn’t easy; there’s a lot to discover, a lot to navigate, and it isn’t exactly clear where to begin. That’s why BUILT BY GIRLS was created - to give you the resources and relationships we wish existed when we were entering the workforce. 

The community receives the support they need to make their first career move: one-on-one relationships with expert advisors, invitations to events designed to develop tactical skills, and access to a network of the best in tech and beyond. We’re like your very own real-world crash course, except we don’t prepare you to live in the real world, we prepare you to run it.