Nigeria's 61st birthday was celebrated at her first train station: Lagos Terminus. Living it up on the bottom of Carter Bridge, disregarding the Lagoon. The green, cream, and maroon façade is a proliferation of Jameson's brand tones – happenstance or predetermination? The station was set up in 1909 and was a significant freight and passenger station, connecting the hinterland with Lagos' ports and significant business sectors in neighbouring Lagos Island

With the current year's theme: "Celebrating the Freedom to be You", Jameson effectively supported its enthusiasm for celebrating the uniqueness of individuals. The theme centres around the intense and unique nature of young Nigerians, who keep on challenging the chances of picking and accepting authentic ways of life and qualities. 

Participants partook in a large group of exercises including one of 3 smooth mixed drinks – Jameson Zobo Sour, Palm-wine curve or Jameson, Sprite and Lime. Free hairstyles at the Sip and Cut experience from Kayzplace barbershop offered women and bearded brothers sharp amazingness. The Bond and Connect zone had individuals holding over Ayò, FIFA, Jenga, foosball, table tennis, and more. People likewise partook in the amazingly famous Arts and Craft corner, where they handmade their dirt pots and candles while getting beautiful henna and face painting. 

Jameson Connects 2021 additionally included elective style brands, WAF, Shushi, Paradiceparade, Baltimore brand, Sneakerfest and Push It, selling cool merchandise, and a screen-printing region where visitors could customize Independence themed Jameson shirts planned by Wafflesncream. 

The food was great! Visitors licked their fingers after tasty food from Kuti's Bistro (the Jameson-ribs were a group fave), Kewa's Kitchen (of prawn Akara notoriety), and Sizzling Fingaz (bosses of little hacks with large flavours). 

The exhibitions were a vibe! Individuals had the opportunity to shake to music with DJ sets from perpetual Jameson Connects entertainer: Aye, and the mysterious Camron. Elective music flagbearers Buju, Ayra Starr, Ajebutter 22, Boj on the receiver, and Odunsi.the.engine had the group moshing, raving and cutting. 

One of our #1 recollections was Ayra Starr (a welcome novice to the Jameson Connects stage) reporting that this was her first time performing to an actually like group. The group readily obliged her and gave her back the electric energy x100. 

We are passing on for the following Jameson Connects experience because there's nothing very like it: the vibes, connections, and local area: you must be there. See more photos in the cut. 

Jameson is a triple refined Irish Whiskey; matured and bottled in Ireland. Jameson ought to be appreciated capably by individuals more than 18. 

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