Over the most recent couple of years, Instagram has advanced from photograph sharing into an incredible marketing platform for brands and influencers. Today, 89% of content creators and influencers state that Instagram is the main social media channel

With the developing ubiquity of Instagram, it's no big surprise the social media platform continually turns out highlights like sponsored post tags, creator accounts, and branded content ads that assist influencers with bringing in cash in-application. 

In any case, this additionally implies that opposition among influencers and creators, all things considered, and shapes develop, so they need to deliver eye-catching and mouth-watering content that assists with getting the consideration of their target crowds. 

To make a long story short, check Instagram videos out in case you're searching for another inventive method to snare your after, 

For what reason Should Creators and Influencers Make Instagram Videos?🙋😏 

From the start become flushed, it appears to be that video creation isn't the best thought for Instagram influencers as people transfer an extraordinary number of posts every day which implies your video posts can get covered in the feed. 

Be that as it may, making dazzling videos assist you with getting more persuasive. Here are three primary purposes behind creators and influencers to make Instagram videos in Nigeria

(a) Contact a more extensive crowd: 

Over 53% of web clients are dynamic on Instagram, so this stage has incredible potential for influencers who need to associate with similar people. Since present-day clients need to see more video content from feeling pioneers, causing Instagram videos permit you to contact a more extensive crowd. 

(b) Stand apart from the group (crowd): 

Video creation isn't as simple as it requires time, information, and exertion. In this way, not all influencers and creators make Instagram videos that assist you with giving your followers what they need to get from you and along these lines beat your competitors. 

(C) Keep your crowd locked in: 

Videos are dynamic so they permit creators to incorporate data and keep watchers locked in. With the adoration for video content, influencers and creators get an occasion to build Instagram engagement when they transfer videos to their feeds which implies more followers, potential cooperation offers, and development. 

Prepared to check Instagram videos out? Focus on the accompanying six Instagram video powerful marketing hacks that can assist you in making better videos effortlessly. 

Top 6 Most Powerful Instagram Video Marketing Hacks for Creators and Influencers in Nigeria: 

1. Examination with Instagram Video Types 

The days when Instagram was a stage for sharing photographs are a distant memory. The prominence of video content has expanded, so Instagram permits clients to transfer videos from 3 seconds to an hour-long which causes them to make videos that suit their necessities and needs. 

Presently, there are five principal approaches to post videos in-application: 

Instagram Reels: Allow clients to transfer 15-second multi-cut videos 

Video posts: Videos are between 3 seconds and 60 seconds long 

IGTV: Videos are between 15 seconds and an hour-long (To transfer long-frame videos, you need to post on Instagram from a PC) 

Live stream: Allow Instagrammers to record an hour of continuous live streaming. 

Video Instagram Stories: Videos are between 3 seconds and 15 seconds long 

Clearly, it's almost difficult to put time and exertion into all video types immediately. As an influencer, you should understand what video type functions admirably for your crowd, so it's a smart thought to explore different avenues regarding video creation and track video execution. 

Here's how Toke Makinwa utilizes a blend of various Instagram video types to keep her crowd drew in and snared: 

2. Make the Most Out of Instagram Video Tools 

To think of dazzling video content thoughts for your Instagram account, it's essential to build up a social media video strategy. In any case, a stellar video content strategy requires loads of testing and repeating which means investing a lot of energy in video creation. Also, novices regularly commit video altering errors. 

As an Instagram influencer or creator, you ought to likewise make Instagram posts, compose inscriptions, speak with your after and expected associates, and make sponsored posts… 

Anyway, wouldn't it be incredible on the off chance that you could add movement impacts, layering,, and superimposed components to your pictures and clasps? With the privilege of Instagram video devices, it's not, at this point a fantasy! 

3. Work together with Other Influencers and Creators 

Regardless of whether you're simply beginning with Instagram videos or you basically need to draw in more watchers, it's additionally an extraordinary thought to collaborate with other influencers who can assist you with making radiant videos easily. 

Each Instagram influencer has its unwavering continuing in-application who trust influencers' suggestions. At the point when you team up with different clients to make videos and label each other in posts or Stories, your followers are bound to look at and follow this current influencer's record. To put it plainly, this implies higher engagement rates and more followers. 

Any model required? Look at how Sydney Talker (1.9m followers) made a video as a team with Okikidft (387k followers) to cross-promote each other profiles, gaining more client engagement, and draw in more followers: 

Making a video post with another influencer isn't the main alternative with regards to joint effort openings. Here are some alternate approaches to make Instagram videos in a joint effort with creators or influencers: 

(a) Create a video instructional exercise with a specialty master 

(b) Organize a Q&A meeting with mainstream influencers 

(c) Invite an influencer to join your live video on Instagram 

4. Reassign Instagram Videos 

On the off chance that you begin making Instagram videos, that is incredible. However, on the off chance that you reassign those videos for different channels, that is surprisingly better as it permits you to spare time and exertion and get your Instagram videos before another crowd. 

When a nano influencer turns out to be more mainstream among clients, new business openings happen. In this manner, it's no big surprise that most Instagram influencers search out new elective approaches to adapt their impact and set up a business. 

Since most businesses need a website, influencers can reassign or reuse Instagram content for their websites. 

A valid example: 

Jackie Aina is a Nigerian-American beauty content creator, Us Army veteran, and MakeUp artist with a strong Instagram following (1.7M), so it's no big surprise that she continually creates top-notch video content for her Instagram feed to keep her crowd locked in. 

As the founder of  FORVR MOOD Cosmetic brand, she likewise reassigns well known Instagram posts for her brand website, much the same as in the model beneath: 

5. Make Video Branded Content Ads 

In the course of the most recent couple of years, influencer marketing has gotten one of the best advancement techniques for brands, everything being equal, and specialties. 

In addition to the fact that influencers help brands arrive at their target crowd quickly, however they likewise help to improve brand notoriety as present-day customers trust influencers' suggestions as much as their genuine companions. At the point when a company offers cooperation, an influencer gets an opportunity to bring in cash and become theirs after. 

With regards to Instagram video creation, brands can likewise enable you to develop. How? Branded content ads! With this promotion type, brands get an opportunity to convey their image messages through creators' voices. For influencers, this implies a likelihood to advance themselves and make great video content. 

We should investigate Oppo Nigeria

At the point when the company chose to help brand mindfulness and increment web-based business deals for their newly launched smartphone product OPPO A92, they made an Instagram video crusade with their ambassador Tacha where she disclosed how awesome features about the products and it gave magnificent outcomes. Since people give close consideration to real stories, including an influencer helped the company get a 24-point lift in advertisement review and a 16-point lift in brand mindfulness. 

6. Watch out for Instagram Video Trends 

Social media utilization is continually changing, so new patterns show up and urge clients to get on board with the fleeting trend. On the off chance that you make Instagram videos and you need to beat your competitors, it's imperative to watch out for video patterns. At the point when Instagram presented its Tik-Tok in-application (Instagram reels), nobody might have anticipated this video content sort turned into a web sensation. 

To put it plainly, watching out for Instagram video patterns is an unquestionable requirement and the most ideal approach to do it is to peruse late reports. 

All things considered, if you understand what video content sort is famous among your followers, you can make content that becomes a web sensation and in this manner improve your impact. 


Instagram video is overwhelming the world, so influencers ought to make staggering videos for their feeds to keep their followers locked in. From short engaging video clasps to long-shape videos, there are numerous approaches to create video content for Instagram that permit you to convey your message, connect with followers, and assist you with extending your range, increment engagement, and get more brand cooperation openings. 

To put it plainly, video content is the fate of Instagram, so we need to make the most out of it.