8 most effective ways to promote your upcoming event on LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a social media platform geared to professionals. It enables you to network and to build your professional portfolio, but you can also go out into the world and look for a new job. ... It is also used by employers and recruiters who are looking for job candidates.
 8 most effective ways to promote your upcoming event on LinkedIn:

1. Set up a LinkedIn Group for your event

Setting up a LinkedIn group for your own event would make people interested, wanting to find more details and ask questions about your event. Encourage engagement by answering their questions and concerns. Make a few suggestions, connecting upfront with other participants, asking questions to the speakers at your event, just to name a few.

2. Share your event on LinkedIn events page

On your LinkedIn Events Page, you will have the ability to share your event. The title of the event is clickable right through to your registration page. Consider moving this Project section to the top of your profile a week or so before the event. What more, you can also promote it on Twitter and Facebook using the same link. Encourage your connections to also click the “I’m Attending” button on your Events Page. This will show up as a status update in their respective LinkedIn connections.

3. Talk about your event in relevant LinkedIn groups

It is important to be a part of LinkedIn Groups where you can then start talking about your event, or ask someone in your network to introduce your! Doing this right, your discussion might end up as the more popular one in the group, gaining even more visibility.

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4. Include an event teaser in your headline

This can be very effective, but don’t do this for too long. Be sure to change back to your day-to-day headline right after the event.

5. Post status updates

You can post status updates on your profile easily. Your 1st degree network will be well informed. People who are still hesitant to register might get the right gentle reminder this way to do so. On top of that, with your LinkedIn Company Page, you can now add status updates that will be visible to all of your Company Page followers.

6. Target specific connections with direct messages

You are limited to 50 connections at a time for a single direct message. Direct messages are delivered to the recipient’s email account and LinkedIn inbox and are thus more likely to be seen and read. Just be sure to create a personalized message for everyone!

7. Upload a video or PowerPoint presentation of your event

Event details don’t have to be more than one slide. The video could include a clip from the previous event or a promo from a keynote speaker.

8. Promote your event through Ads

Running targeted ads on LinkedIn can be effective in promoting your event. Decide what your budget is first and use the LinkedIn Ads Tool or collaborate with LinkedIn on a special project, to create a targeted campaign to drive people to your event!

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