Contests and sweepstakes (A sweepstake is a type of contest where a prize or prizes may be awarded to a winner or winners. Sweepstakes began as a form of lottery that was tied to products sold.) are regular special tools utilized by companies to draw in customers to their organization or product. A challenge or contest is somewhat unique in relation to a sweepstake in that it expects the audience to finish a type of challenge, for example, a trivia question, or show ability or expertise. Both of these tools have a few qualities as marketing tools, however, they expected shortcomings too. 

1. Special Promotional Advantage

The main role of a challenge is to pull in revenue to your organization or brand and make a buzz in the marketplace. A retailer may raffle off significant show passes or an enormous prize to give customers a vibe decent second and to add to verbal advertising as individuals inform others regarding the chance. At the point when new films or music come out for home diversion, companies and advertisement firms regularly offer challenge promotions through radio, TV, and online media. This stands out toward the new product dispatch. Online challenge promotions have additionally been utilized to create web-business fans as Facebook friends, Twitter followers, email, or feed subscribers. 

2. Exploration Advantage

Contests additionally offer preferences from an examination outlook. At the point when individuals join or consent to participate, you can gather names, contact data, and find solutions to other exploration questions. On a giveaway for TV, for example, a producer may incorporate questions about member TV propensities. At the point when consumers join nearby gadgets retailers, they round out structures with their data and answers. Companies gather this for examination and analysis to all the more likely advance that product or something different later on.

3. Expenses 

Comparative with other marketing tools, contests are regularly moderately minimal effort, contingent upon the arrangement and prize. In a research-centered challenge, you need to invest huge energy creating and planning passage structures to incorporate satisfactory questions. At times, the actual prize, for example, an outing or significant machine, has a tremendous cost. A solitary prize for a neighborhood business may not be that much. Expenses can accumulate for various prizes offered all through a corporate store or advance another product. 

4. Lack of concern 

The effect of contests in accomplishing special objectives might be restricted by client apathy or intentions. Sometimes, consumers basically round out a straightforward structure and drop it in a crate without giving any consideration to the product or brand parted with in the advancement. The Internet has offered to ascend to an enormous number of little and huge contests to advance web businesses and brands online. This has additionally prompted challenge and breadths catalogs and clubs where consumers immediately go through many challenge openings with the objective of winning prizes, and regularly exchanging them up for sale locales. In these situations, members, and frequently champs, don't really get the important effect the advertiser plans.