How To Keep Your New And Old Customers Engaged On Social Media Using This 20 Contest Ideas in Nigeria

Need to draw in customers on the web? Social media can be an incredible method to get your customers included and really make discussions with your intended interest audience. In any case, you need something to really kick that engagement off. 
That is the place Social media contest ideas come in. There are a lot of various formats you can use for social media contests, but dependent upon your business and the social media platforms you use, however, they're all acceptable at drawing in your old and possibly new customers. Here are distinctive social media Contest thoughts to consider.

Customers Feedback Contests: 

Customers' feedback Challenges can likewise be an incredible route for you to accumulate criticism about your items or services. Ask customers on all your social media platforms to share a brisk idea about their involvement in your business and afterward grant at any rate one individual who shared. 

Guessing Games Contests:

This is also an effective way of retaining and attracting new customers for your business. You could also set up a simple guessing game and award a special prize to the person who answers correctly. For example “how many chocolate cookies can you find in the (product) box ?” But we would advise you to make it more relevant to your business if you choose. Maybe take a photo of some of your inventory and ask customers how many of a particular product they see.

 Unexpected Giveaways: 

One of the most innovative approaches to run a social media challenge is simply award of a prize to one of your followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or on another social media platform haphazardly once you arrive at a specific number of followers. In any case, you can make it much all the more intriguing by simply doing those giveaways indiscriminately and astonishing your followers with those prizes or openings intermittently. 

Innovative Photo Contests: 

You can likewise utilize photos as a basic piece of challenges on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Concoct an interesting idea that urges your customers to get inventive with your goods and services. So you could have customers beautify your item or use it in a cool manner and afterward share their photographs on your Twitter, Instagram, a Facebook page with the goal that you can award the best entry. 

Greatest Fan Photo Contests: 

Or then again you could challenge your customers to present a photo that shows exactly the amount they love your product or brand. This likewise urges customers to get inventive with photos and furthermore show everybody exactly the amount they love your business on the web. 

Video Contests: 

Much like photograph challenges, you can likewise request that your followers present an inventive video and afterward offer a prize to the best entry. You can request recordings that show individuals utilizing your item or product, flaunting their inventiveness, or even simply discussing their involvement in your business. 

Location Check-in Contests: 

Since Facebook and other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram let people check-in at particular locations or areas, you can likewise utilize that include as a challenging opportunity. Request that your customer's check-in at your business or at a specific location on Facebook or another social media platform, at that point, grant a prize to one of those individuals toward the week's end or month. 

Trivia data Contests 

A social media challenge can likewise just comprise of some straightforward inquiries( simple questions). Ask random questions on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook about your business or a fascinating area that interests your followers. At that point offer a little prize to whoever responds to the questions accurately first. 

Recommend a New Product Contests: 

In case you're hoping to extend your services, that can likewise give an interesting challenge opportunity. Ask customers what they need to find in another product offering, at that point pick your most loved or request that different customers vote. 

Subtitle or caption Contests:

For those businesses searching for a straightforward, fun challenge thought, consider a subtitle or caption challenge. Simply post an entertaining or extraordinary photograph to share on your Facebook page. At that point approach customers to share their thoughts for entertaining or intriguing CAPTIONS and grant the best one a prize. 

Fill-in-the-Blank Space Contests: 

Wait! Did someone say Fill-in-the-Blank Space Contests... Oh! yes, I did. Believe it or not but this is actually one of our favorite tricks when it comes to keeping our client's customers engaged or entertained on social media platforms. You could utilize that equivalent sort of thought, however without the requirement for a photograph, with a fill-in-the-blank challenge. Think Mad Libs, in the event that you need your customers to get inventive or entertaining. Or on the other hand, you could concoct something that is more relevant to your business, similar to "My preferred method to utilize my [The product Name] is _____." This trick works like magic or you could ask them to complete the ingredients for one of your particular products.

Article Contests or Essay Challenge: 

You can likewise grant all the more long-structure innovativeness through an article challenge. Post the opportunity on all your business social media platforms. making sure to outline a specific topic and length for the Article Contests or Essay Challenge. Then you can have your followers submit short essays right on your page. You can have them write about what they love about your brand or a particular product that was recently released.

Recipe Contests Idea:

This is for food businesses only, ask customers on all your social media platforms to submit their own creative favorite recipes using your own original products. You can go through the entries on each platform and choose your favorites or to actually keep such a challenge or contest booming, you can actually make your customers the judge.

DIY Contests: 

Additionally, if your business sells any items that could be utilized for DIY ventures, similar to home stylistic theme things, texture, or in any event, garments extras, you can request that your followers present their most loved DIY thoughts. 

Tag-a-Friend Contests: 

To expand your business reach on social media, request that your followers tag their companions(friends and family) in a post or remark. This should be possible on Facebook and Instagram mainly, but at the same time, it's a really simple approach to have promotions on Instagram. Just post an image and express your giveaway rules. At that point ask that your followers tag a companion (or multiple) in the comments section so as to qualify. When the contest is over, you can choose a comment randomly to award a winner.

Circle Giveaways: 

On Instagram especially, there's a particular way you can cooperate with different related business accounts and make it simple for followers to discover the entirety of your host accounts. It's known as a circle giveaway. To set it up, you'll have to make such a hover of host businesses. Every business will post a photo cautioning their followers of the giveaway and afterward direct their followers to the following business with the goal that they can follow and like or remark so as to qualify for the contest. So if there are four businesses included, Business A would guide followers to Business B. Business B would also guide followers to Business C. Business C would guide them to Business D. What's more, Business D would guide their followers to Business  A

Re-post Giveaways: 

Or on the other hand, you could ask just customers to re-post your own photo or post. So on Twitter, you could ask customers to retweet a specific post and afterward pick a champ by experiencing the retweeters. Or on the other hand on Instagram, ask followers to re-post a particular post on your page and afterward utilize a particular hashtag with the goal that you can follow the entry. 

New Slogan Contests: 

At the point when you're looking to re-brand your business or even simply get your customers to think imaginatively, request that they present a remarkable new trademark for your business on your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page. At that point pick your most loved or have customers vote.

Cross-social media  Giveaways:

You can likewise expand your followers and engagement by posting challenges or contests on your various business social media platforms. For instance, on the off chance that you have a major follower on Facebook, yet need to develop it on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, you can post the open door opportunity on your Facebook page yet offer additional entry access for the individuals who likewise follow you on  Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. In that way, none of your followers are left out.

Hashtag Photo Contests:

This is actually our best social media contests idea that we usually recommend to our clients who want to engage effectively with their customers on social media easily. You can set to have a photo challenge on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, #hashtags can make it simple for you to follow sections i.e It enables you to keep track of every entry. Simply plot or create a particular hashtag(s) that you need customers to utilize for the contest. At that point have them share their own photos ( It could be a simple challenge of them holding some of your products and taking creative pictures of it.) and pick the winner by experiencing the hashtag toward the finish of the challenge. 

📍If you find any of the above Social media contest ideas interesting and valuable but hard for you to implement in your business, don't hesitate to contact us.

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