If you’re looking for creative ways to make extra money from your E-commerce website then all you need is to drive in the right traffic to your website. So in other words, you get to make double income from purchases made on your website store and also from traffics generated.
However, that last part is a lot easier said than done. Especially if you’re not accustomed to having to promote your E-commerce website.

If this is your first time into the E-commerce business, you’re going to want to have a bit of fanfare and publicity to get the word about your business out there. Here are proven tricks to getting mad traffic to your E-commerce Store.


We've come to realize that one of the most effective ways to advertise your E-commerce website is by engaging in SEO campaigns. Using the right selection of keywords and a strong ranking, you can simply draw in customers from all around the globe just by utilizing this method carefully.
Your SEO campaign can not be achieved if your E-commerce contents are not great. So in order to have a strong SEO campaign, you’re going to want to create great product content.
Always let your site visitors know what they can expect from your E-commerce store when they visit, Update them with few beautiful product photos or videos and it has to be well detailed ( Easy to read).

You can write a short post about a particular product that you sell and also provide tips on how your buyers can carefully utilize such a product so that it can last long enough for them and doesn't damage quickly.

We can't doubt how powerful a social media tool is in today’s world. With billions of users around the world currently utilizing these tools every day, you can then imagine how these tools ( Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc) can help you reach more customers who might be interested in what you are selling.

The amazing part of it is that you’re going to where your audience is. You don't need to worry anymore about bringing them to the content. After all, social media is about more than just the ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. It’s also an incredibly simple way to generate some business for free.

So how do you go about this, Set up your business social media accounts maybe just for these three at the moment: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and start to posting content about your E-commerce store. Make sure that your pages look professional and reflect your business values, not your own personal values. 

The reason why we prefer you to start with just those three accounts is that those are the social media tools that more likely to drive customers to your store quickly than others.

If you are not ready to take your E-commerce business to the next level by boosting your running ads on any of the above mentioned social media platforms then you should probably stop reading this post and also you should shutdown your business and go to bed or instead go and search for a 9-5 job out there that will only pay you at the end of the month. But if you're ready to take your E-commerce to the next level then continue reading this content.

 E-commerce business is not like any other business you can think of, it's a business that has to run creative ads continuously in other to make sales every day, when you think of big E-commerce stores like Amazon, eBay, Azorazo, Jumia, Konga, Aliexpress, etc these stores always run ads on every platform that they feel their customers are using also they double up this form of advertising by creating an affiliate marketing program so as to gain more reach and bring their products closer to its buyers.
And now, thanks to Facebook Ads, you can combine the power of social media with the pinpoint accuracy of an ad but you have to do it creatively in other to get the perfect audience for your products.

Advertising on Facebook is relatively cheap and you’re able to target customers directly through demographic options ( based on Age, Gender, Country, etc). Best of all, it actually works and you can track your results in easy to understand ways.


Research shows that people are more willing to engage in an activity when there's a reward for it, While advertising fads come and go, one thing remains constant: people love free stuff. If you’re looking to drum up some quick interest in your E-commerce site, connect with some businesses for a giveaway.

The best part is that It doesn’t even have to be your own products. You may choose to use nairabox.com to give a lucky winner some great seats to an upcoming event!

It’s hard not to get excited about free things, so keep this easy-psychology hack in mind cause it works great.


So let's say you can’t quite afford to give away free products, no worries. You can always discount some of your amazing products in your E-store.

Flash sales are a fantastic way to draw in new and existing customers and also move out old stock at the same time. Just make sure to publicize your sale ahead of time so people can get to know about it.

If you have any other proven trick(s) you feel should be included, feel free to drop them on our comment box so as to enable us to add it up on this post.

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