With Adcash's Referral Program, publishers can refer new publishers to the Adcash stage and procure 5% of their referrals' lifetime income. You have to have an Adcash publishers account and once you have marked in you can discover the program under the "Referral" tab in the menu

Easy Tricks on How to Make More Money Using AdCash Referral Program

On the first occasion when you utilize the Referral Program, you have to acknowledge the Referral Program Agreement

Step by step instructions to begin: 

You should simply share your personal referral URL and welcome publishers to adapt their website traffic with Adcash. 

When your referrals information exchange through your personal referral URL and begin producing income, at that point, you will procure a 5% commissions of their month to month profit. The commission will be paid each month until the referred publishers are dynamic and working with Adcash. This implies the more you refer, the more you will gain. 

Easy Tricks on How to Make More Money Using AdCash Referral Program

It would be ideal if you note that you can just refer new publishers who haven't utilized Adcash benefits previously. Additionally, if the referred client doesn't utilize the personal referral URL to join, at that point this referral won't be tallied. Likewise, self-referrals are disallowed. 

Instructions to monitor your profit: 

Easy Tricks on How to Make More Money Using AdCash Referral Program

In the Referral Program page, you will have the option to see the recently paid commissions. It will likewise show pending referral commissions for this and a month ago. The profit will be approved once every month and the approved commissions will be added to your wallet balance, so you would have the option to request the payment thereafter. 

You can likewise observe all the dynamic and inert customers that you have referred to the Adcash stage. Latent implies that publishers have quit working with Adcash or don't conform to our General Terms and Conditions

Step by step instructions to boost your referral profit 

The more new publishers you refer, the more you will support your profit. There are numerous ways you can utilize the referral connect to draw in new publishers to utilize Adcash. The absolute most normal approaches to do so are: 

Advance on your own website 

Spot a pennant or a book connect on your own webpage to draw in clients who urge website proprietors to become Adcash clients. 

You could likewise blog about website monetization or related articles and remember the referral URL for the post to change over your perusers to new referrals. We suggest doing as such if your website is identified with SEO, partner marketing, promotion systems web improvement, monetization, or computerized marketing. 

Companions and associates 

Offer the referral URL with your companions and associates who have a website and tell them the best way to adapt their traffic. It's a success win circumstance – you win more money while your companions increment their promotion income. 

Social Media 

Utilize the intensity of social media to share posts about Adcash and offer your encounters of working with us and urge others to do so as well. 

Paid Media 

Run paid media crusades and utilize your personal URL connect. 


Be dynamic in the member marketing/web improvement and SEO forums and make posts to advance Adcash and offer the advantages of utilizing Adcash to adapt traffic. Likewise, share tips and remarks on others' posts and furthermore add the referral connect to your profile, so every time you post something it will be obvious. 

A decent practice is to remind your audience about the advantages of working with Adcash and your own examples of overcoming adversity as a publisher. Compose surveys, posts and be dynamic in forums and recollect that it isn't generally about the number of referrers – it's about the nature of referrers. 

Kindly don't stop for a second to contact Adcash's marketing group at [email protected], on the off chance that you might want to get some personalized standards to advance the referral URL. 

PS. Continuously make sure to utilize your personal Referral URL while doing any of the promotional exercises to build the number of referrals. 

The most effective method to request your payment 

When your commissions have been approved and added to your publisher account wallet balance, you may present your payment request as per the standard payment request technique. 

In the event that you're not utilizing your publisher's account as a publisher, it would be ideal if you follow the means here to continue with your payment request.

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