Paylater owed its underlying foundations to One Credit, a pioneer in the buyer loaning space, propelled more than 7 years back. Advances at that point were given through deals operators and credits were just accessible to salaried workers.. simply in the wake of accepting a few work reports and checks for advance reimbursements. As should be obvious, Paylater no look like him, mother! 

It propelled when loaning with no security was unimaginable. 

Paylater, which propelled in March 2016, changed money in Nigeria as the primary computerized loan specialist. In the wake of presenting moment credits, It at that point added new administrations to make executing less expensive and totally consistent. These incorporate bill installments, broadcast appointment buys, free credit reports, speculations, individual money the executives, and our energizing Wallet. 

All the more as of late, They propelled Bloom, an emotionally supportive network for female entrepreneurs. 

" We will likewise reveal new creative items including a virtual Visa card that will be confirmation that we have completely moved from simply advanced loaning to an overall computerized account stage." - Chijioke Dozie, CEO 

Any survey of the old brand would reason that the name "Paylater" was not, at this point a genuine impression of what their identity is and their guarantee to clients going ahead. 

"We are a great deal more and throughout the most recent couple of months, we have been taking a shot at another brand that is progressively intelligent of our yearnings. 

We needed a character that positions us for development, change, and proceeded with progress. A character that looks to the future yet can likewise catch even what isn't yet imagined. " - Chijioke Dozie, CEO 

This Company has never accepted that they are only a fund organization, executing with clients. Or maybe they have tried to drench themselves in our existence with the objective of attempting to include esteem even through non-money related methods. 

they are likewise endeavoring to decrease your weight by giving extra highlights, for example, wellbeing plans, mishap, and disaster protection. It will become more clear that their vision is of an organization that strolls next to each other with its clients, going wherever together, in a shared and dynamic relationship. 

Along these lines, all things considered.

Presenting CARBON 

Carbon is: 


"Carbon is fundamental for life as we probably are aware it and every single natural compound contain carbon" ( 


Carbon is the most adaptable component on the planet. It structures graphite — perhaps the gentlest mineral, and jewels — one of the hardest. It is all over and structures the establishment of all realized life on earth. A larger number of materials contain Carbon than some other component. 

To us, Carbon speaks to our desire to go wherever with you. To frame a basic piece of your reality and to be flexible enough to change or develop to satisfy your requirements.